Scheduling Q & A

What should I do to prepare for my visit?

If you are an established patient, please direct other physicians you are seeing to send a copy of all medical records since your last visit to the practice. Be sure to complete all necessary labs, imaging, or procedures.

If you are a new patient to the practice, please direct other physicians you are seeing or have seen to send a copy of all medical records. Be sure to complete all new patient forms prior to visit to expedite you session with physician.

How long does it take to get in to see the doctor for a sick visit versus a physical?

Once you have established as a patient with us, we strive to see sick adult patients within a 24 business hours. If you are not seen within the same day, we will aim to schedule you for following morning. We also aim to see hospital follow ups within 5 days of hospital discharge. Physicals are scheduled on a first available basis.

What is your policy for cancelling appointments and can I do it online?

Our office policy is that appointments that are cancelled on the same day as the appointment may be subject to our $25.00 cancellation fee. Patients that fail to show up 2 consecutive times for their scheduled appointment without prior notice will be charged $35.00. Currently, you are not able to cancel appointments online. Please call our office to cancel any appointments, so that we are able to help you reschedule at that time.


Communication Q & A

Can I email questions to my doctor and will he respond via email?

No. If you are needing to seek non- urgent medical advice; provide updates; and other inquiries, electronically you can do so through your patient portal.Please see link on Home Page.

I get frequent sinus infections or urinary tract infections and know which medicines work for me. If I call in, do I have to make an appointment every time to see the doctor or will they call something in for me?

Although we understand it is not always convenient to come in, we feel it is not wise to treat any patients’ symptoms over the phone in the event something may be missed in translations or unseen.

Which hospitals does the physicians admit patients to?

Dr. Echavarria does not make rounds in any of the hospitals. We have designated groups of hospital doctors who will notify and update us throughout your patient stay. This allows our doctors to help coordinate the care you receive while in the hospital with the care you will need after you are discharged.


Insurance Q & A

What insurances do you accept?

We accept almost all insurances, with the exception of Medicaid.

*Please Note- Insurances are always changing often, be sure to call office to verify whether your insurance is accepted or not.*

Do you accept Medicaid as a secondary to Medicare?

Unfortunately, we are not contracted with any of the Medicaid plans and are unable to get authorizations from Medicaid to refer patients for any tests or to any specialists.

Do you take workers comp?

Unfortunately, we do not take workers comp. Be sure to contact your human resources department at your current employer as they have a contract with Workers Comp doctors.

Do you file auto insurance claims?

Unfortunately we do not, but please contact your auto insurance company for providers that can help you with your problem.


Miscellaneous Q & A

What is the process of having forms filled out by doctor for employer, school, DMV, etc.?

Please bring all forms that need to be completed into the office. Once forms are completed, office staff will notify you for pick up. If you are needing forms to be faxed or mailed, please advise office at time of drop off.

*Please note ALL forms filed out will be charged a $25 fee.*

What services Could I request through the patient portal?

You can use the practice portal to do the following:

  • Request Refills
  • Request Appointments
  • Attain lab results
  • Attain medical records / medical history

Please be sure to call or during appointment, provide email address to front desk personnel to web enable you. Once you are web enabled, log onto:

You will receive a confirmation email once registration is complete.

Visit our Patient Portal site to login and start getting more from your healthcare today!